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Performance (kw)


  • The 7m long boom section specially used for wind turbine assembly and disassembly can significantly shorten the boom assembly and disassembly time and greatly improve the construcion efficiency.
  • The chassis capable of track extension and retraction can satisfy the special requirement of the narrow road at the wind power construction site and gives the complete vehicle very good adaptability.
  • The control performance has been comprehensively upgraded, with the speed, stability and inching performance perfectly integrated;
  • The mechanical, electrical and hydraulic multi-level comprehensive safety protection device can have dangerous actions cut off automatically.
  • The humanized intelligent design can fully meet the ergonomic demands.
  • Mature and reliable supporting assembly configuration can achieve high cost performance.


Technical Data  Metric Chart Imperial Chart
Capacity 350 ton 380 U.S. ton
Main Boom 120 m 393.7 ft
Jib 12 m 39.4 ft
Winch Main and Auxiliary winches
Engine QSM 11