16 LC 260

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16 LC 260

Performance (kw)



Its design keeps Linden Comansa’s fundamental premises: modularity and easiness of both assembly and transport.

Due to its load capacity, between 8 and 12 tons, the series places between the LC1100 (5 to 8 tons) and LC2100 (12 to 48 tons) families. In addition, the LC1600 family unites the advantages of both series, with which shares numerous elements.

  • Share the jib sections and the counterweights with the LC1100


  • With the LC2100 series, shares the 2 meter wide tower sections, as well as the climbing cage and the 4.5 and 6 meter wide cross bases.

  • Jib lengths between 65 and 70 meters.

  • Hoist mechanisms with Effi-Plus System, which improves up to 70% the speed of hoist and descend movements.

  • Light erection weightsfor a faster and safer assembly.

  • Frequency control in the slewing movement wich makes the most of the energy, and allows a minor consumption.

  • Double trolley system similar to the one successfully used in the LC1100 and LC2100 series, adapted to maximum loads of 12 tons.